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Automatic Search Engine Submitter

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Automatic Search Engine Submitter
Our submitter is one of the most powerful promotional tools of our service. With more than 100,000 sites to submit to, Your site gets indexed with ease! Just schedule when you want to be submitted and the system does the rest for you! Not only this but our built in spider will grab all the URLs from your site and add them to the submission queue. This spider will also extract your keywords and site title directly from your site saving you lots of time.


Automatically add all the URLs, titles, descriptions, and keywords from your site to the submission queue.


You also get to individually select the sites you want to submit to.
Each site is broken down by its category.

You can then use the system to automatically submit your site at any time or interval you choose.


You will also get a detailed report of all submissions.
You can select to get this report from your browser or via email.

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isfkan [2012-08-02]
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vnybbqp [2012-08-01]
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kxaufjosf [2012-07-31]
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wwxyzgtkms [2012-07-31]
Hi Valentina,yes that is right, you can submit a url one time. But rmeember, you get a lot of backlinks to that domain, if you then submit all your backlinks to SM, it will build up your backlinks authority and I think you will find 400 good backlinks, well indexed with their own backlinks and authority, will out rank a site with 4,000 low quality backlinks Use SocialMonkee as 1 part of your SEO pillar, you need other sources and other types of links too
Ririn [2012-07-30]

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